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Q1. Who were the Three Musketeers?
A1. Aramis, Porthos and Athos.

Q2. Which of the Three Wise Men brought gold to the baby Jesus?
A2. Caspar

Q3. Who crowned Napoleon Emperor of France?
A3. Napoleon

Q4. What does the term 'Neolithic' literally mean?
A4. New Stone

Q5. What U.S. President was born 'William Blythe'?
A5. William Jefferson Clinton (aka Bill)

Q6. What World War II leader was a near-fanatical vegetarian?
A6. Adolf Hitler

Q7. What was Snickers called before it was Snickers?
A7. Marathon

Q8. What was the Pharos of Alexandria?
A8. A lighthouse.

Q9. In what Asian country was the phrase 'The Killing Fields' popularised?
A9. Cambodia

Q10. What is the name of the Greek god of love?
A10. Eros

Round 2 TV/Movies Round

Q1. Who was originally cast in the lead role for Indiana Jones in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'?
A1. Tom Selleck

Q2. What movie won the Best Picture award in the 2008 Oscars?
A2. No Country For Old Men

Q3. What new movie's tagline is 'New Model. Original Parts.'?
A3. Fast and Furious

Q4. What US TV show's final episode gave the song "Don't Stop Believin'" a surprise return to the charts?
A4. The Sopranos

Q5. What is the name of the lion in the film 'Madagascar'?
A5. Alex

Q6. What species was the character Spock from Star Trek?
A6. Half-Vulcan, half-human.

Q7. What was the name of Charlie's band from the TV series 'Lost'?
A7. Driveshaft.

Q8. Who invented the television?
A8. John Logie Baird

Q9. In the remake of 'Charlie's Angels', what three actresses played the leading roles?
A9. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu.

Q10. In the British TV series 'The Office', for which branch of the British Armed Forces has Gareth proudly served?
A10. Territorial Army/TA.

Round 3 General Knowledge

Q1. How many sides does the British 50p piece have?
A1. Seven

Q2. In what western American state are Jews considered Gentiles?
A2. Utah

Q3. Who is the leader of the Irish Labour Party?
A3. Eamon Gilmore.

Q4. What is the Chinese gooseberry more commonly known as?
A4. Kiwifruit

Q5. Who is Prince William currently dating?
A5. Kate Middleton

Q6. Where would you find 'The Spirit of Ecstacy'?
A6. On the front of a Rolls Royce.

Q7. If you were born on September 22nd, what star sign are you?
A7. Virgo

Q8. In a recipe, a measure of 15 mls would be better known as what?
A8. Tablespoon

Q9. What mythical animal is alleged to have 'missed the boat' when Noah's Ark was being loaded?
A9. Unicorn

Q10. What is the biggest selling daily English language newspaper in the world?
A10. The Times of India

Round 4 Simpsons Round

Q1 Homer and Apu travel to India to visit the CEO of if the Kwik-E-Mart. What 3 questions does Homer ask him? (exact wording/order not needed. (The gist will do)
A1 Are you _really_ the head of the Kwik-E-Mart? Really? You?

Q2 Before agreeing on the name "The Be Sharps" for their barbershop quartet, what other name was suggested?
A2 Handsome Homer Simpson plus Three

Q3 What kind of car is the Beekeeper's Bee-mobile?
A3 A chevy

Q4 According to announcer in the Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, which two characters that had died that year were _never_ popular? </br>A4 Bleeding Gums Murphy and Dr. Marvin Monroe

Q5 Who provides the voice for Krusty the Clown?
A5 Dan Castellaneta

Q6 What musician plays for the astronauts when Homer is in space?
Q6 James Taylor

Q7 After Scorpio takes control of the East Coast, what Football team does he send Homer as a thank you?
A8 The Denver Broncos.

Q8 What's the name of Bart's Elephant?
A8 Stampy

Q9 What's the name of Sideshow Bob's brother?
A9 Cecil

Q10 When Homer enters the 3rd dimension, which movie does he liken it to that none of the other characters had seen?
A10 Tron

Round 5 Sports Round

Q1. What city or region do the Super 14's Crusaders represent?
A1. Christchurch (city), Canterbury (region).

Q2. What sport uses the lightest ball?
A2. Table tennis

Q3. Who won the 2009 U.S. Masters in golf?
A3. Angel Cabrera

Q4. What English Premier League soccer team is known as the Potters?
A4. Stoke City

Q5. In what city will the 2010 Winter Olympics be held?
A5. Vancouver/Whistler (either is acceptable)

Q6. Who is the new and current coach of the Dublin senior hurling team?
A6. Anthony Daly

Q7. Who is the new host of the Sunday Game, replacing Pat Spillane?
A7. Des Cahill

Q8. In what sport does the winning team collect the Vince Lombardi Trophy?
A8. American Football/NFL/Gridiron

Q9. What was the popular name for the main Olympic stadium in Beijing, 2008?
A9. The Bird's Nest

Q10. What rugby club recently played its 100th Heineken Cup game?
A10. Munster

Round 6 Music round

Q1 What is the oldest national anthm in the world? (including being set to music, we'll take the cnoutnry)?

A1 "Het WilhelmusQ

Q2 Irleand has won the eurovision more times than any other country. Who's come second the most however?
A2 The U.K.

Q3 In the british charts, what was number one on January 1st 2000? I have a dream/seasons in the sun?
A3 Westlife

Q4 What age was Johnny Cash when he died?
A4 71

Q5 Who killed Marvin Gaye?
A5 His da (Marvin Gaye Snr.

Q6 What's Sid Vicious's real name?
A6 Simon John Ritchie

Q7 Who wrote the famous piece 4'33?
A7 John Milton Cage Jr.

Q8 Who wrote the sound you hear when you turn on a windows computer running windows 95?
A8 AnsBrian Eno

Q9 What was the name of the Jackson 5s last album?
A9 2300 Jackson Street

Q10 What was the name of the Beatles original Bassist?
A10 Stuart Stucliffe

Round 7 Picture round

[1] [2] Answers:

Round 8 SCI-FI CI-FI:

Q1. Who is the only actor credited with playing two unrelated roles in the same star trek episode?
A1 Jeffrey Combs, Played Weyoun & Brunt in the same DS9 ep.

Q2. How old is Yoda when he dies in Star Wars Episode VI
A2 900 Years

Q3. In the first episode of Voyager the ship is pulled accross the galaxy by a powerful alien. Who is this alien, and who is he trying to protect?
A3 The caretaker, The Ocampa

Q4. Who created Flash Gordon?
A4 Alex Raymond

Q5. What is the name of the Firefly class spaceship?
A5 Serenity

Q6. What is wrong with the townspeople in "Nightwalkers" in Stargate?
A6 The Goa'ulds in their heads could only take control when the hosts were asleep. Hence the title

Q7. In star wars, two characters from Tantoinee were involved in the first attack on the death star. One was Luke Skywalker. Who was the other?
A7 Biggs Darklighter

Q8. What is the name of the God defeated in the Star Gate film?
A8 Ra

Q9.The alliance soldiers in Firefly are dressed up in leftovers from a well known sciencefiction film. What film is this?
A9 Starship troopers

Q10. What humanoid cylon model number is Leoben?
A10 two