Connecting to redbrick with Quicksilver

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This is a guide to setting up a nice quick 'one-click' connection to redbrick on OSX using a SSH keys, and Quicksilver.

Setting up SSH Keys

This allows you to connect to redbrick without needing a password.

Download SSH Agent and install it in your Applications directory.

In the OSX Terminal generate a key: ssh-keygen -t dsa

Then copy it to the right place on redbrick: cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh "cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

Import the key into SSH Agent. (This may happen automatically)

Now you will be able to SSH into redbrick without being prompted for a password.

Connecting to redbrick with Quicksilver

Download the following file which contains an Redbrick.inetloc file and an icon. Edit the Redbrick.inetloc file (there may not be a file extension) and add your username in the <string> section: <string>ssh://</string>

When you're finished, you can simply double click the icon and a link to redbrick will open. If you've setup the SSH keys, then you'll an a one-click way to connect to redbrick.

In addition, this file is now indexable by Quicksilver, so you can launch it quickly using that app.