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Receiving Email

By default any email sent to your Redbrick account is forwarded to your DCU Apps account.

If you have disabled this and wish to re-enable it please read the article on Automatic Forwarding for more details.

Sending Email

This Doesn't work as of 2014 when google changed how sending email from another account works

If you wish to send email with your redbrick email using your DCU Apps you have to follow a few simple steps.

The following steps apply to DCU Apps / Gmail accounts.

  • Sign into DCU Apps.
  • Click Settings and select the Accounts tab.
  • Under Send mail as, Click �Add another email address.�
  • In the 'Email address' field, enter your name and redbrick email address.
  • You will be given two options.
  • Select �Send through Dublin City University Mail (easier to set up)�.
  • Click Next Step and then click Send Verification.
  • DCU Apps will send an email to your redbrick address to confirm that it is yours.
  • Once you receive the email click on the link it contains to complete the verification.

To send an email using your redbrick address select it in the �From� drop down box on the Compose / Reply Mail pages.

Please Note

Your DCU Apps address will be included in the header of any emails you send. This is to ensure that your email is not marked as spam.

The majority of clients will not display this address to those receiving the email. Microsoft Outlook however is an exception and displays it in the form �username@mail.dcu.ie on behalf of username@redbrick.dcu.ie�.