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Finch was removed from redbrick standard build, since 2014. Because it wasn't being used at the time the server was decommissioned . Users are free to compile their ownFinch but no support will be provided for this.

Finch is the command line equivalent of the popular instant messaging client Pidgin (GAIM), you can use this on redbrick to log into your instant messaging accounts.

Setting up Finch

Finch is installed on carbon and will need to be tunneled through tsocks.

Logging into carbon

First you'll have to log into carbon, so open up a screen and type:

ssh carbon

You should now be logged into carbon.

Starting Finch

Simply enter

tsocks finch

Finch should now be started and ready for you to use.

Configuring your account


You should now be at this screen.

  • Hit down and select your account type
  • Hit tab and go through filling out your information
  • Hit save when you're done

Make sure your account you created is enabled like in this picture (marked with X), if it's not simply hit space. Finch2.jpg

Using Finch

Close a window:

alt + c

Move to the next window:

alt + n

Move to previous window:

alt + p

Move a window:

alt + m

Resize a window:

alt + r

Get up the actions list:

alt + a

Get up main options menu:


Extra configuration

These are some other configurations that may be useful.

Taskbar Flashing

You probably want your taskbar to flash when you receive a message and you have your web browser or something open.


Configure PuTTY with these options, you may want to save the session so you don't have to do this all the time.

Next you'll have to configure finch to give a system bell when a message is received, go to the sound configuration (alt + a -> Sounds). FinchConf.jpg

Finally you need to make sure screen is set to give an audible bell. Do the following until you see the message "switched to audible bell":