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If your having a problem or have a general question, you can place a question here. Hopefully someone will come along and answer it for you!

You have two options, simple questions should be added as new sections below. Possible long answers (or answers that can be referenced by a single url) should be created as new articles so you can create a link to it in the following list.

List of Help Articles

How to create a Private page

We have created a new NameSpace which requires users to be logged in to view the page i.e. only Redbrick users. To create such a page preappend your topic with 'RBOnly:' i.e.

To create your own would be:-<Topic>

How do I sign in?

Just click on the sign in link at the top right. This will redirect you to the Redbrick PubCookie page where you can log in with your normal Redbrick username and password.

Once you are signed in you can edit any topic or create new ones.

I'm too lazy to figure it out myself!

Are you looking for something specific that isn't here? Well, why not add a suggested name for the topic to the Main_Page (or if it's about this wiki, to this very article) and someone else might actually create the topic (and your answer) for you!

You can also post on the Rebdrick Newsgroups about it and if you get an answer, write the first draft of the article (see Help:Creating articles)!

Who do I contact if I find something wrong?

Arg! I've found something is wrong, but I don't know what it should be. Don't bother emailing the "author". The last person to modify it may only have been correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. You can just add a comment to the 'Discussion' article associated with the offending page saying what is wrong and hopefully some other redbrick user will correct it. (Or you can just post to the redbrick newsgroups about it). Alternatively contact Helpdesk and explain the problem and in which article it is.

I can't login!

There is an existing problem with usernames with underscores in them. This is currently being investigated.