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You might already be aware that Redbrick runs their own mail servers. This means that you can be free of the capitalist agenda to make email a mass marketing medium and instead use it for communicating with real people.

Our email servers (as of 2020) are really secure, and very fast. You can send email to people and expect them to receive it in about 3 seconds.

  • You must be logged in with your Redbrick credentials to send and receive mail
  • You can only send mail under your own username, or any aliases you own
  • We do not accept mail from unauthenticated sources claiming to be from Redbrick
  • We have a strict spam filter set up with some machine learning to improve it over time
  • Mail is stored on our network filesystem, and is correctly secured with the right permissions to prevent other users reading your mail
  • Our outgoing mail is correctly signed such that it shouldn't be marked as spam by receivers

We provide both IMAP and SMTP connections allowing you to connect almost any client. The default email client on Android works great, for example.

Connecting your client

This set of options below should cover all prompts on a mail client and get you connected.

Incoming Mail Server :
Outgoing Mail Server :
IMAP Port Number     : 993
SMTP Port Number     : 587
IMAP Security        : SSL/TLS
SMTP Security        : STARTTLS
SMTP Needs Login     : Yes
Username             : username
Password             : [Your Password]
Email address        :

Other ways to use RB Mail

Although you can view your email directly over IMAP, you can also visit Webmail in a browser or set up forwarding to another email account, like your DCU account.

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