K750i Upgrade

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Find out your firmware version by pressing :

right * left left * left *

Go to the bottom and note the CDA number.


Go to http://www.seuniverse.com/step1.php and follow the instructions there. Use the CDA string from your phone in the CDA dialog of the application.

You should use Europe 2 as the region.


  • When you turn it on, the choice between mobile phone and walkman was reversed for me, so choose walkman to get the mobile phone.
  • The PIN values don't show up as well so just type em in and press ok. Your keypad ain't broke.
  • Make sure your sim card is in when you press C and plug the cable in, it no work otherwise.
  • Don't worry when the application takes ages leaving the test stage, the phone has not been killed.
  • Any names that you backup onto sim must be less than 14 characters or they won't be recombined properly when you copy em back to phone.
  • Various GPRS settings are available at http://www.taniwha.org.uk/gprs.html

Apart from that, upgrade is seamless. No hassle, walkman feature is tres nice.


On O2, on the contract I chose, the K750i is 70 euro and the w800i 229 euro. A 1GB memory stick duo cost me 43 euro on ebay, a 3.5mm converter cost me 5 euro off ebay and the upgrade software was 10euro. So I get a w800i equivalent with extra 512mb memory for 128 smackaroos. Around 100 quid saving ! Don't buy a w800i ! You can even get a w800i fascia off ebay that will fit the k750i for around 20 euro, if you like the look that much.