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If you are new to Redbrick, please read our introduction.

For help with the Kubuntu DVD you may have received, you can take a look at the manual.

This is the Redbrick wiki! The idea behind this site is that you - as a Redbrick member - maintain it. If there is something you'd like to see here, you add it. If you find something wrong, you correct it. It couldn't be easier. You can log in with your username and password to edit and add pages.

There are currently 255 articles here, and it's a mixture of helpful hints, ridiculous rubbish and complete hilarity. To the right you will see several categories: if you are looking for help on how to do something, try How To and Helpdesk.
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This is a rough timeline for different events on Redbrick, relating to Redbrick, or in DCU, from the time of the society's inception in 1996.

With the timeline now here on the wiki you can add your this collection of Redbrick History.

See The TimeLine for each year:

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Among other things the RedBrick wiki is home to the helpdesk tutorials. These guides detail how to use all the features of redbrick.
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