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Tired of having to go to a browser to get your rss feeds? If so, then Newsbeuter is the way to go! It's like mutt, but for rss \o/


Type newsbeuter at the prompt, like so:


This opens up the client window, well it should but if there's no URL file it'll do this instead:


Making It Work

To fix this you'll need to edit the ~/.newsbeuter/urls file. Just type:

 nano ~/.newsbeuter/urls

Then just add the links of your rss feeds, here's how I've got mine done.


Now when you type newsbeuter at the prompt you should see something like this:


If yours looks similar to this you're good to go, if not try redoing these steps again or give helpdesk a shout.

The Basic Commands

'shift + r' reloads the feeds, 'q' quits, 'shift a' marks all read and enter reads the feed. That's pretty much all you need to know for starts. For more advanced commands/actions take a look around:

Aliasing It

If you're lazy like me you won't want to type out newsbeuter everytime so I've created an alias. To do this you'll have to edit your .zshrc Type:

 nano ~/.zshrc
 alias rss= 'newsbeuter'


 source ~/.zshrc

Now you just have to type rss instead of newsbeuter \o/