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You can also connect to redbrick chat with your own client using ssh forwarding.

This tutorial assumes you're already familiar with chat or webchat and connecting to RedBrick over ssh. It also assumes that you have used an irc client on your computer before and know how to set that up.

Setup Forwarding

Irc runs on irc.redbrick.dcu.ie port 6667. To connect to irc you need to forward connections from your computer to this port over ssh.

Putty on Windows

In windows putty can be used for ssh forwarding.

Go into the tunnels option on putty, and enter the source port as 6667 and the destination as irc.redbrick.dcu.ie:6667


Then click add. It should then appear like it's shown below.


Now, to connect. Don't click the RedBrick button, instead go back to the session tab. Enter the hostname as login.redbrick.dcu.ie, and click open.


Enter your username and password as normal to login to RedBrick. You'll need to keep that window open while you use irc.

Linux/OSX ssh

For linux or OSX (or any other kind of unix based OS) just ssh as normal, but with the -L argument as shown below.

   ssh -L 6667:irc.redbrick.dcu.ie:6667 username@login.redbrick.dcu.ie

Client Configuration

This is based on using mIRC, cause apparently it's popular, but similar instructions should work for any client.

In the options add a new server. Use hostname localhost and port 6667.


Select this server to connect to. Enter your nickname and other details, and hit connect.


If you've followed all the steps right then you should now be connected :)