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What is it?

Peepd is twitter in an irc window. It's really easy to connect to and use.

How do I start using it?

To begin using it, first you'll have to connect to it.

To connect to it, type(whilst in irssi, or weechat if you're into that sorta thing) :

 /connect 6667 <your_twitter_password> <your_twitter_username>

You should see something like the image below display in your status window:


Then a #Twitter should automatically open, you'll see the usernames of everyone you're following appear where channel users usually would, like in the image below:


After a minute or so, you should see you and your followers recent tweets appear in the window. It hilights your username when you get a tweet directed at you, which is handy. As seen in the image below:


Direct messages, or DMs, appear in a private window, they'll keep appearing every time you connect to peepd until you delete them through the twitter website. You'll also need to manage your followers from there too.

To tweet just type it out and hit enter. If you want your reply to someone elses tweet show up you have to type "@" before their username if you want it to show up on the main twitter site properly. Note: If you go over your char limit your tweet won't appear to other users. Luckily, phaxx has built an irssi script for a counter to appear in the statusbar, to use it type:

 /script load peep


 /statusbar window add peep

You'll see the counter decreasing as you type.

If you encounter any problems give helpdesk a shout in #helpdesk on irc or email