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Deceased Hardware

Prodigy ~


Type:Sun Enterprise 450
OS:Solaris 8
CPU:2 x UltraSPARC-II 400MHz
Storage:Onboard Symbios 53c875 dual channel UltraWide SCSI controller
 2 x PCI Symbios 53c875 dual channel UltraWide SCSI controllers
 PCI FC-AL (Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop) controller [currently unused]
Disks:20 x 9GB UltraWide SCSI disks
Drives:Internal SCSI CDROM [currently disconnected/broken ???]
 Internal SCSI 8mm Exabyte tape drive [currently unused]
 External SCSI HP "BENCHMARK" DLT1 tape drive
Network:hme0 (onboard) [currently unused]
 qfe[0123] (Quad Fast Ethernet, a 4 port NIC) [only qfe0 currently used]
Extras:Sun 256 colour graphics card [currently unused]
 Three hot swappable redundant power supplies
The Name:Prodigy (prod' i ji) n. Something wonderful or extraordinary; a wonderful example (of); a person or thing with extraordinary gifts or qualities; something out of the ordinary course of nature, a monstrosity.The name Prodigy was picked by Phil (phil@rb). It was called 'marco' while in Sun and arrived to us with the rather imaginative name of 'PleaseNameMe'. This was changed later to 'Prodigy' but not before it enjoyed a brief period with the name 'beefcake' (no, really).



Prodigy was given to ITB Compsoc in about week 6 of first semester of 07/08, on the basis that they didn't have a server, and were looking for one.