RBOnly:Minutes 20 10 2009

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Present: Azrael, Haus, Gw, Elephant, Johan, Maiden, Sonic, Carri, Angelkat, Attol, Me
Excused: Revenant


Make sure when replying not to abuse people

Halloween Ball

* Azrael offered to do DJ

Ubuntu Party

Add Ubuntu party to the announce mail. Get people to click the site.

Windows 7

Windows 7 party - facebook


* sleepover?
* make a bot to randomly say scary/halloweeny words
* if lobby is dead for 10min make a zombie appear on screen
* Poster for zombieweek - Zombie nawing on a redbrick? Zombie brain redbrick?

Installfeast article

Maiden to write article for campus about the installfeast next week


Put posters in engineering building

Werdz present

Give werdz a present for making the webchat

Angelkat's site

Anyone touch AngelKat's site and she will claw your eyes out


Austin loves Alan's (Sonic) cock


Email Redgiant again about the prize