RBOnly:Minutes 3 11 2009

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Present: Carri, Attol, Haus, Revenant, Angelkat, Gw, Johan, Elephant, Sonic, Maiden, Me
Excused: Azrael

Halloween Ball

Prize for best dressed? - Redbrick hoodie.
Carri to make hoodie shaped voucher.
Print up flyers and hand out

C&S tickets

Clubs and Socs ball tickets need money by Friday.
Sean collecting the money.


* Pooka confirmed he's doing the Python talk.
* Wants a lab with speakers
* Present an amazon gift voucher? Hamper?


Need posters now.

Meeting times

Meeting will stay the same till we have everyone in the meeting

Christmas Presents


Strange things, GameSoc, Art, Book???
Find else who we're doing stuff with


Sweets and coke will do


Site visit from Wimax -> needs 3 students Thursday morning...

Web design tutorial

. get people who know html well
. Kat's gonna do a template
. Kat's gonna organise stuff just needs the date

Qzar and Bowling

Tuesday 24th November