Restoring a backup

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Redbrick keeps regular backups of your files in case a problem develops with a server and user files need to be restored.

These backups can also be used by users to restore files if they have accidentally deleted them or if wish to restore previous versions.

Restoring a backup

cd /backup/storage/current/	*See Note 1
cd webtree			*See Note 2
cd u/username			*See Note 3

To restore a single file then

cp filename ~/public_html/

To restore an entire directory then

cp -R * ~/public_html/


  1. Redbrick keeps several backups at one time. current is the latest and is usually taken the night before. If you wish to restore a backup from before this replace current with the date of the backup and then type cd tree before continuing with the guide.
  2. You can also restore files from your home directory by going to /home/member during this step. If you are restoring a backup from your home directory replace public_html in the later steps with a more appropriate location. eg. ~
  3. In this example the user is called username. Replace this with your username and u with the first letter of your username. eg. i/isaac702