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Perhaps the article needs to be renamed since the is alot more information here than just about bike locks. Discussion page, so discuss.

Grand yeah, didn't know how to do it, as mentioned on the newsgroups - Gav
oh. Got it.- Gav
It might be working adding a section to Help:Contents about how you did it. --The Dead One 14:02, 26 Sep 2006 (IST)
Done --Gavin 14:14, 26 Sep 2006 (IST)
Cool! Wikis rock. BTW Good article. --The Dead One 16:43, 26 Sep 2006 (IST)

For adding routes, it's handy to go to the google maps pedometer link and map out your route, then click on the save route. It will give you a permanent URL you can copy 'n paste. --Gavin 18:10, 26 Sep 2006 (IST)