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One thought for the book is to have a page for submissions and basic ideas on it. People need some idea as to what to submit so give them some - 'How I joined Redbrick' can be a simple starter and then with poking from the editors the person can do some research and see what methods Redbrick has used for recruiting people - Clubs and Socs day to the RB Freshers Ball etc. -- JohnDoyle - 07 Jun 2005

We're talking of having a first meeting face to face about this, on Tuesday 21st June 2005 in Bewleys on Grafton St. Everyone welcome, bring ideas :-) See the mailing list for more details! -- KarlPodesta - 09 Jun 2005

You should bug pauline and fergus in CSD for fun stories of Redbrick in the past. John Bolger too cos he's been around a long time... i have lots of old emails (oct '98 - now) somewhere too which i'll dig through the next time i get a chance... -- DonalHunt - 14 Jun 2005

How about putting up a page for people to submit their hey logs. These would have to be checked out ofcourse as far too many heys were simply dont make sense out of context - have then either all, if we have the space, or the Top 100 Heys. -- JohnDoyle - 21 Jun 2005