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I've updated the syntax of the article to be a more MediaWiki article than a twiki one. Additionally people should use the summary when making changes!. Also someone should place a link to this article on the Main Page otherwise it's quite hard to use (or we could start thinking about categories?). --The Dead One 10:26, 21 Sep 2005 (IST)

There -is- a link to this article on the main page (:-) under "Articles", and stuff on the main page does need to be organised better). What are "summaries"? Hmm, this MediaWiki stuff is all complicated! - Kpodesta, mediawiki newbie.

My mistake. Summaries are the little text box just below the big text box when you edit an article. It should describe the change you are making. It appears in the Special:Recent changes and the history of a topic. MediaWiki isn't any more complicated than TWiki, just a different way of doing it I think.

For the main page, I'd love to see very little there (besides perhaps a article spotlight and the latest new article). Instead everything could be stored in categories, IMHO. It might be worth writing up a few editing guidelines in the Help.

--The Dead One 11:33, 21 Sep 2005 (IST)