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Redbrick's machine "mother" goes live. Members need new passwords for their accounts on this system.

DCU Bar closes due to staff problems (staff were caught drinking after hours or resigned or something).


12th - Mother goes online and members log on for first time to mother.
It's officially decided to allow members to have multiple accounts.

23rd - Rag Week.
24th - Redbrick hires a bouncy castle for DCU.

28th - First Redbrick baby is born to wibble and sarah.
His name is Michael.


7th - Shadowmap is written and used.

16th - Sherro gets disusered, prompting the "FREE SHERRO!" thread on the newsgroups.

19th - Social in Isolde's Tower.
Pictures from the event are here.

27th (ish) - "Spike" happens. Redbrick goes offline for 3 weeks. Redbrick loses outbound access to everything, including tolka and all other DCU servers. When Redbrick came back up, Itchy NUTS was gone forever.

31st - AGM.
Cain is elected as chair.
Spock is elected as secretary.
Bootie is elected as treasurer.

Celery is elected as PRO/ents officer.
Ace, Macbain, and Bob are elected as helpdesk.
Pooka, Plop and Valen are elected as admins.
Drjolt is elected as webmaster.


6th (19:41) - Redbrick shut down by CSD for "taking up too much network bandwidth".
This board was setup around that time and was used a bit while redbrick was down.

15th - Night in the Funnel in associate with Atmosphere Music Soc.
Music by Kid Icarus, Muse, and Stocious.
Poster is attached [docs/funnel.doc here].
This nightclub was on Sir John Rogerson's Quay but is closed since 1999.

28th (18:22) - Redbrick is back up, and ppl can log on again.



Perlhey was originally written by afrodite's brother in TCD. Cthulhu added features like titles, borders, success messages etc. when he was in first year (i.e. sometime around now). C-hey was written after perl hey this year.

Also CSD took down rbhouse and so hey became popular as a way of communicating for freshers and older users. hey was popular before this, but with no chat program, hey was now the only way to communicate with other users.

25th - Windows 98 launched.


Plop resigns from committee for personal reasons.


Eircell(later Vodafone) and Digifone(later O2) allowed their users to send text messages to phones on each others' networks sometime this year.


The Fourth generation of brickies arrives in DCU.

New res is opened about nowish.

Google was launched this month.


6th - Freshers' Event in the Mean Fiddler.
Kid Icarus played. DJ Thayl did the dj thing.

Redbrick is now the largest society on campus for the first time.

22nd - Kachun(plop) incident happened (see encyclopedia).

28th - Intersocs event in Break For The Border.
In association with TCD and UCD Netsocs.

Pooka resigns as admin.
Bob resigns from helpdesk.


spinal (John Bolger) and grimnar (Colin Whittaker) were elected as admins.
singer (Brian Scanlan) was elected as webmaster.
bubble (Barry O' Neill) was elected to helpdesk.
tibor and p sat the test but never ran for election.

12th - Bacchus social.
Pictures from the event are here.

Business school maps added to Shadowmap.

26th - Games night.


9th - Night in the Bar.

16th - Christmas party in the Castle Inn.

Free pizza for all and with Santa in da house!

Pictures from the event are here.