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  • 1st - Cynic is re-installed with debian so that it can temporarily host mysql (disk issues on deathray had caused it to be temporarily moved to severus, which hadn't been much better.)
  • 3nd - Murphy is re-installed with Solaris. Tests with OpenBSD had mainly proven that it was good at crashing a lot


  • 4th - Finland has a redbrick? 21 of redbricks member go to Finland to visit some random Museum. (very very very cold!)
  • 19th - Webmaster makes a test edit to the wiki.
  • 24th - Bake Sale for Rag week! Carri , emma, kat & lotta baked enough cakes to feed redbrick. �110 euro was earned.
  • 24th - Dare Day. Redbrick members took part in many weird and wonderful dares in the name of charity.


  • 3rd - Trainee Admins first workshop. Topic Shell Scripting. Location Meeting room 1, Attendance 12.
  • 9th - Redbrick's annual tech week begins! First event was Filmsoc presents hackers.
  • 10th
  1pm - Forensic Security talk presented by Charlie Daily - note Charlie Daily was a no show. 
  2pm - Microsoft XNA Talk. Present by Martha Rotter - free pens for all! Also Windows 7 for some.
  5pm - Git VCS: How to not lose your final year project. Present by Redbricks Lorcan McDonald
  6pm - Build Your Own PC Tutorial. Present by Sean Hand (Revenant)
  8pm - Strange Things Table Quiz.
  • 11th
  4pm - Demonware Talk, presented by Eoghan Gaffney (atlas).http://wiki.redbrick.dcu.ie/mw/Talk:Quiz#Round_7_Picture_round
  5pm - Linux install fest. 
  • 12th - Redbrick goes to Q-Zar! Blues (oldies) win Oranges (newbs + bambi).
  • 12th - The new Sun x4140s, Morpheus and Daniel Arrive, Morpheus goes into production within 6 hours of it being racked.
  • 13th - Wavehunt runs again this year. Phaxx wins and donates his prize money to redbrick.
  • 13th - Intersocs night in the longstone. Rediculously tiny platter was had, some loved it, two (Angelkat & carri) hated it. Werdz was indifferent to the taste of it, but he couldn't believe how small it was for the amount of money that was paid.


  • 9th - SU Election results in after many recounts. Alan Keegan (barium) is elected president, and John Murphy (bobo) is elected Deputy President, beating Mark Egan by just 6 votes. Andrew Harford (receive) loses Vice President to Melanie Farrell by 76 votes. In the battle of former RedBrick PROs John Needham (colossus) beats Padraig O'Connor (landa2) in the race for Computing & Engineering Convenor.
  • 10th - Good Friday. RedBrick is offline for several hours as all power to the campus is cut for maintenance on some transformer. Murphy takes over as webserver when we eventually get in to turn it back on.
  • 14th - AGM is planned for today, but is postponed for a week when it turns enough notice hadn't been given.
  • 16th - Redbrick Annual Table Quiz! Skyhawk wins raffle of an acer netbook. Randomers win first place, Bincheol, team limsups come 2nd (kat can't remember who they are ) moju, tiny and feanor come third. Quiz
  • 21st - AGM is held.


 Andrew Martin (werdz) and Lotta Mikkonen (attol) ran. attol was elected.


 Emma Gallagher (emma) was the only candidate and was elected by a majority show of hands.


 Sean Hand (revenant) was the only candidate and was elected by a majority show of hands.

Events Officer:

 Carri Fuery (carri) was the only candidate and was elected by a majority show of hands.

Public Relations Officer:

 Daniel Fox (maiden) was the only candidate and was elected by a majority show of hands.


 Diarmaid McManus (elephant), Gautam Wadhwa (gw), Daniel Fox (maiden), Austin Halpin (haus) and 
 Gavin Tubritt (gmblitis) all ran. elephant, gw and haus were elected.

System Administrators:

 Eoghan Cotter (johan), Seamus Ronan (train), Alan Breathnach (sonic), David � Laighean�in (coconut) and 
 Diarmaid McManus (elephant) ran. johan, sonic and coconut were elected.


 Kat Farrell (Angelkat) was the only candidate and was elected by a majority show of hands.


It becomes known that several incoming first years have attempted to join the society - despite their student IDs not being valid yet! Bravo, brave knights!

  • 23rd - coconut begins the tedious task of re-uploading every image on this wiki. He feels sad. gw is conscripted to assist, angelkat gives a hand.


  • 6th/7th - Clubs and Socs days are held. The 15th generation of Brickies register. Kubuntu discs, badges, magnets, freshers' ball tickets, goodie bags and freshers' leaflets are handed out. After the committee's fruitless searching for the missing RedBrick banner, SU president Alan Keegan comes to the rescue on the morning of the 6th. Apparently the banner had been hiding in meeting room 3 since Tech Week 09. Ceiling Cat's screen, keyboard and mouse are brought down and attached to Coconut's laptop so that people can play with RedBrick's services at the desk. An animated ascii train is the highlight. Attol and Coconut crash a CA1 lecture. Attol gets stagefright and says about 5 words, so Carri and Coconut handle the rest of the crashed lectures.
RedBrick Stand 09
RedBrick Stand 09
bunbun the brick 09
  • 8th - Generation 15 arrive. RedBrick celebrates by holding the Fresher's Ball in the Slipper. It is very well attended. The theme of the night was red. The first years wore the brick costume and Jiggy somehow ended up posing as a table for part of the night. Helpdesk and Coconut DJ. There was an eclectic mix of music. A member feedback survey had been created a few months prior. There was a raffle between all respondents. Redgiant won the wonderful prize of "Granny Racing". He has yet to collect his prize.
  • 13th - Coconut resigns as admin. Attol is sad :(
  • 14th - Azrael becomes first year rep. Bunbun also ran. Pizza was had by all.


  • 4th - EGM held to replace Coconut. Werdz is elected by a majority show of hands. Platters are had in the Nubar.


  • DCUfm forget to renew their license. RedBrick pull the stream for legal reasons, and DCUfm cry. or: "DCUFM decide to act like a bunch of 2 year olds. Redbrick gives them strange looks."
A good summary
  • Craig Gavagan Mac Entee (credak) is voted in as Helpdesk after Austin Halpin (haus) steps down.
  • Direct attached storage array is ordered.