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  • 13th - Redbrick's new primary login server is ordered.
  • 13th - Brief downtime from between 17:40 and 17:50 to update C libraries.
  • 28th - Redbrick's new server arrives. Currently it remains unnamed.
  • 28th - Migration of Redbrick's servers to Ubuntu 10.04 begins.


  • 6th - Seamus Ronan (train) resigns as Admin due to increased workload in his course.
  • 17th - Redbrick's new login server Azazel is opened to members for testing.
  • 21st - Start of Tech Week 2011:
Monday, 7PM - Launch Party, Nubar
Monday, 7PM - Strange Things Quiz, Nubar
Tuesday, 1PM - Web Security Talk with Richard Dalton
Tuesday, 1PM - Cyber Bullying Seminar with DCUSU
Tuesday, 6PM - Cyber Terrorism Simulation with Model UN
Tuesday, 6PM - Karaoke trip to Bonga with Gamessoc
Wednesday, 2PM - Arduino 101 Workshop with Jeffrey Roe, XG22
Wednesday, 2PM - Retro Gaming with Gamessoc, Old Bar
Wednesday, 5:30PM - Mark Little Talk with JournoSoc, C104
Wednesday, 6PM - Strange Things Movie Screening, QG21
Thursday, 12PM - Social Media and Online Security seminar with Dr. The Lynn, The Venue
Thursday, 1PM - 3D Modelling talk with Dave Larkan, LG25
Thursday, 6PM - Anime Screening with Anime and Manga Society, C165
Thursday, 6:15PM - �Lightning Presentations� with Engineering Soc, CG03


  • 1st - Brief downtime for Kernel updates.
  • 1st/2nd/3rd - Redbrick runs the annual Adopt a Brick campaign for Rag Week.
Adopt a Brick Stand 2011
  • 2nd - Redbrick holds a Boolette tournament. fun comes in first place with isaac702 in second. Total number of participants: 2.
  • 4th - Brief downtime for more Kernel updates.
  • 19th - Intervarsity Coding Contest takes place in TCD. bunbun and mak take first place.
  • 21st - Redbrick launches its new Web-boards @ boards.redbrick.dcu.ie
  • 23rd - The Helpdesk Candidate Exam is held in preparation for the upcoming AGM.
  • 24th - The Admin Candidate Exam is held in preparation for the upcoming AGM.
  • 24th - Redbrick celebrates its 15th Birthday with a party in the Slipper. Much cake was had. A projector was setup to show IRC and members were encouraged to participate using this if they were unable to join us.
  • 25th - The Webmaster Candidate Exam is held in preparation for the upcoming AGM.
  • 25th-27th - 5 Teams from Redbrick travel to Cork for the IRLCPC Coding Contest. Team Blue Chalk (Bunbun, Paddez and Tiroskan) take third place.
  • 29th - Redbrick holds its Annual AGM in CG05. A new committee is elected.


 David Larkan (tziegler) and Carri Fuery (carri) ran. David Larkan was elected by a secret ballot.


 Lotta Mikkonen (attol) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands.


 Nina Hanzlikova (geekity) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands.

Events Officer:

 Ciaran McNally(mak) and Meabh Landers (timelady) ran. Ciaran McNally was elected by a secret ballot.


 Meabh Landers(timelady) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands.


 James Reilly (fun), Austin Halpin (haus), Craig Gavagan Mac Entee (creadak), Paul Bunbury (bunbun)
 and Shane Stacey (isaac702) ran. James Reilly, Austin Halpin and Paul Bunbury were elected by a secret ballot.


 Vadim Clyne-Kelly (vadimck) and Dan Fox (maiden) ran. Vadim Clyne-Kelly was elected by a secret ballot.


 Shane Stacey (isaac702) and Eimear Tyrrell (beimear) ran. Both were elected.

The position of First Year Rep will be filled at an EGM in October.


  • 5th- Brief downtime (on Ubuntu 10.04 servers) for Kernel updates.
  • 6th- Redbrick wins "Most improved society" at the DCU Society Awards.
  • 14th- The Annual Table Quiz takes place in the Nubar. Prices include; External Hard drives, RC Helicopters and Lucky Charms. The Raffle prize of an Android Tablet was won by Cindella.
  • 21st-23rd - Redbrick is taken offline due to maintenance to DCU's power systems. This opportunity is used to move Worf over to Azazel and to officially launch it as our primary login server.


  • 4th-7th - Air-conditioning malfunctions in the server room. All servers except Azazel and Deathray are taken offline.


  • 12th - Brief downtime on 10.04 machines to apply kernel updates.
  • 19th - Brief downtime on Daniel and Murphy to apply kernel updates.


  • 22th - Unexpected Downtime on Azazel.


  • 18th - Redbrick's new Logo is revealed through an update on the wiki.
  • 20th-22nd - Redbrick sets up a table in the Hub for Orientation week. Various Redbrick services are demonstrated. Matrix mode videos attract attention. Our server room also receives a much needed clean-out. This results in our iMac G3 finding a new home.
  • 26th - Redbrick launches its new website. The URL to the dev website is leaked (found in the public logs) several hours before the launch.
  • 29th - One of our switches was knocked out by power surges effecting DCU. This caused unexpected downtime of services on some of our servers.


  • 4th & 5th - Clubs and Societies days. The 17th generation of Redbrick members join. Registrations and Renewals are processed using a barcode scanner found in the server room. 117 new members join.
  • 6th - The Introduction to Redbrick Talk is held in LG25. Followed by the Redbrick freshers ball with a DJSoc DJ in the Slipper.
  • 9th - Redbrick launches its new webmail interface using Roundcube.
  • 13th - Redbrick's Admin Training returns for another year with an Introduction to Linux.
  • 14th-15th - Downtime of all Redbrick services to allow for re-cabling and maintenance to Azazel and other systems.
  • 19th - Redbrick holds its EGM in Q121. 6 people run for the position of First Year Rep. The election is held by secret ballot. polka receives a majority.
  • 25th - nemo holds a talk on Rootkits - "Ghost in the Machine". The first 20 attendees received vouchers for free pints in the NuBar for after the talk.
  • 26th - Bunbun resigns as System Administrator.


  • 1st - Redbrick holds an Introduction to Python talk. It is recorded by a member of MPS, making it the first recent Redbrick talk to have been recorded.
  • 7th - Isaac702 resigns as Helpdesk to run for the System Administrator position in the upcoming EGM.
  • 7th - Our annual Boolette event returns, this time in conjunction with Gamessoc. Attendance increases as a result.
  • 10th - Attol resigns as Secretary.
  • 16th - Digital Discovery Week in association with DCU SU kicks off:
Monday, 5pm - Designing for the Mobile Web with Dave Larkan, LG26
Monday, 6pm - Kick Off Drinks in the NuBar
Tuesday, 6pm - Workday Seminar, QG13
Wednesday, 2pm - 3D Modelling Talk with Dave Larkan, LG26
Wednesday, 6pm - Techspectations - LinkedIn Marketing with Dr Theo Lynn, QG13
Thursday, 5pm - What's Inside Your Computer, L101
Friday, 2pm - #GetSocial seminar in the Helix
  • 21st - 75 key cards are available for distribution for Redbrick members to gain access to the Common Room. Most are distributed to members.
  • 22nd - EGM is held in QG21 to fill to roles of Secretary, Administrator and Helpdesk. duff and Duffy run for the role of Helpdesk, with duff elected to the position. gw and isaac702 run for the role of Admin, with isaac702 elected. gamma and kylar run for the role of Secretary, with gamma elected. All were elected by a show of hands. During the EGM, DCU experienced a power outage, which resulted in a brief downtime period.
  • 26th - timelady steps down as PRO.
  • 29th - Redbrick in association with Strange Things host a movie night in Q102. Tron and Tron:Legacy are shown.


  • 5th - "What's the Bright Idea" by the Undergraduate Awards is held in the Odessa as a celebration of young people and their bright ideas. A number of members attend, including committee members.
  • 8th - The Intersociety Christmas Party is held in The Slipper. Starting at 6, it was held in association with ArtSoc, Gamessoc, EngSoc, Airsoft, Paranormal Soc and Strange Things. Food, cake, presents, Santa and some grand pints featured during the night.