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  • 2nd - Redbrick goes to Brussels for FOSDEM. Four days of booze, and two days of talks ensue for the intrepid Brickies. Lessons learned include: dilligaf + Jack Daniels = bad; and everyone should carry CAT5e cable at all times in case of broken taxi doors.
  • 2nd - Redbrick member bunbun is reported as missing.
  • 15th - Minerva is taken offline to allow it to be used as the primary login machine for Science Hack Day Dublin. After the event, it is planned to be re-provisioned as a Windows Login Server.
  • 23th - Redbrick takes applications for this years IrlCPC Programming Competition in UCC. Five teams are formed to attend the event.
  • 26th - EngSoc and Redbrick, in association with the Engineering and Computing opens applications for a chance to test Google Chromebook on behalf of the university.


  • 2nd - Setup begins for Science Hack Day Dublin. Technical problems are experienced.
  • 3rd & 4th - Science Hack Day Dublin takes place in the Venue. Many interesting projects are developed and demonstrated over the two days. Much pizza is consumed. The primary services machine for the event looses 2 disks approximately 5 hours into the event causing a temporary interruption while services are migrated to another system.
  • 5th - Techweek 2012 starts
Monday 6:00 pm, LG25 - Colin Whittaker (grimnar) - "How the Internet Really Works"
Monday 7:00pm, NuBar - Tech Week kick-off pints.
Tuesday 6:30 pm, LG25 - Eoghan Gaffney (atlas) - "Introduction to Ruby"
Wednesday 6:30 pm, LG25 - Alan Neville (anev) - "IDS/IPS Evasion Techniques"
Thursday 6:00 pm, LG25 - Richard Dalton (d_fens) - "CSRF & Web Security"
Thursday 8:00pm, NuBar - Strange Things Quiz


  • 13th - The body of bunbun is found.
  • 14th - Google Chomebooks are distributed to the Redbrick and EngSoc members chosen to test them on behalf of the university.
  • 17th - 4:21 a.m. It's pointed out in #lobby not a single post has been made thus far, koffee takes it upon himself to remedy this.
  • 17th - Paddy's Day -Grand Pints to be consumed by all, having done so to be remembered by some.
  • 22nd - We lay our dear friend, bunbun, to rest in Bohernabreena cemetery following mass at St Aengus's Church, Balrothery Parish, Tallaght.
  • 27th - Redbrick's 16th AGM is held in QG21. Geekity does the treasurer report in pirate.


David Larkan (tziegler) and James Reilly (fun) ran. fun was elected by secret ballot.


Niall (gamma) and Robert Devereux (kylar) ran. kylar was elected by secret ballot.


Mary Dennehy (Cindella) and Richard Walsh (koffee) ran. koffee was elected by secret ballot.

Events Officer

Public Relations Officer

Andrew Boylan (Fructus) was the only candidate and was elected by a show of hands.


 Niall (gamma), Craig Duff (duff) and Eimear Tyrell (beimear) ran. duff and beimear were elected by secret ballot.

System Administrators

Shane Stacey (isaac702), Vadim Clyne-Kelly (VadimCK) and Craig Gavagan Mac Entee (creadak) ran. All were elected by a show of hands.


Ciaran McNally (maK), Ian Duffy (Duffy) and Max Hoffmann (tsov) ran. maK was elected be a show of hands.






  • 13th - Redbrick hoodies arrive and country-wide celebrations break out.
  • 23rd - Pygmalion, the new development server is opened for member useage. Craig Mac Entee (creadak) steps down as System Administrator.


  • 17th-21st - Redbrick sets up a table in the Hub during Orientation Week. Various Redbrick services are demonstrated, and some hassling of an O2 employee (sarge) occurs. Gamessoc committee members join in for Gangnam Style.


  • 2nd-3rd - Redbrick sets up in the Venu for C&S Days. Generation 18 is created, with 128 new members joining over the two days. The barcode scanner (with new improved script, olol) was used once again this year.
  • 4th - Introduction to Redbrick talk is held in LG26, followed by the annual Freshers' Ball in association with Gamessoc. Platters, pints and music from Safrole made a gg night.