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Dramabob may well be the oldest living member of Redbrick (unconfirmed), and is at least over 9000 years old. He joined in 2004 for teh lulz, as he had heard on the INTERWEBS that Redbrick was just a massive file-sharing collective. But then found he actually enjoyed the occasional visit to the lobby and randomly heying other RBers.

Dramabob served as chair of DCU Drama in 2005/06, along with phaxx, atlas and wolfhead, probably the most RBers on a single Drama committee, like, evar.

He went on to win National Best Society Individual at the 2007 BICS Awards, which led to much huzzah-ing and also much alcohol. He even wore a red tie.

Dramabob was chair of the SPC and Redbrick Rep for 2006/07 and 2007/08 and gave them loadz of hard cash for to buy shiny things with (but mainly assorted hardware with impressive sounding names).

Dramabob can often be found muttering about "the kids" when he's not MC-ing the annual RB table quiz, and currently works for DIT, having managed to escape DCU with his degree and masters, intact and on time, shockingly.