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Webmail is a service to allow users to check their mail through a web browser rather than having to log on or forward their mail to another account. Redbrick offers a webmail client by Roundcube.

Logging In

Access webmail by heading to: webmail.redbrick.dcu.ie.

Log in using your usual Redbrick username and password. If you've forgotten your password, just mail admins@redbrick.dcu.ie.


Roundcube is Redbrick's pretty, sleek webmail client. It operates fairly similarly to SquirrelMail, mailboxes on the left, and options up top and of course, mails are there too.


This is a beginner's guide on how to use SquirrelMail.

Subscribing Folders

When you first log in, you will be presented with a list of folders on the left, options on the top right and the contents of your inbox in the bottom right. If it is your first time using webmail you may need to subscribe to your different folders.

To subscribe to a folder Just click on Folders at the top-centre of the page. You can create, rename, delete and (un)subscribe from folders here. To subscribe, click on the folder you want on the list on the right and click subscribe at the very bottom. To unsubscribe, simply follow the same actions using the left list and the unsubcribe button. Now when you refresh you will see the folders along the left-hand side.

Address Book

You can store the email addresses of whoever you want and edit or delete an address or information about the person with that email address. To add, click on add address and simply insert the information it asks for. It requires a minimum of Nickname, E-mail address and Firstname - the rest is optional.

To edit or delete, just click on the relevant button, and let it do its thing.

Composing a mail

To write a mail, click on compose at the top left of the right frame. This is like most other web-based mail clients. Just fill in the To/Subject/etc options and then write away. You can select addresses from the address book and include attachments up to 200kb. Select the file to be attached by either filling in the path or simply click choose. To save the mail as a draft to be finished later just click on save draft. Otherwise your mail is ready to send.


You can add a signature, change the order in which you view your mail, change the theme and configure the likes of music and pop-ups. By clicking each of the options, you can explore the different choices that are available.


The next box along the top is the Search option. This allows you to search for mails in the different folders once you give it some search criteria. You can select all folders or narrow it down to just one, also you can tell it search through the whole mail or just certain parts.


If you need more specific information on any of the earlier sections or want to read the FAQ's, then you need the Help section. The table of contents lets you choose what you want. You can get a good deal of information about SquirrelMail and relevant topics by following links in the individual sections.

Web Boards

You can also access the RedBrick news boards through webmail. Click on Newsgroups on the top left. You will see a table with 3 columns, the first is the board name, the second is a description of what the board is for and the third is the number of threads on that board. To read a particular board, just click on the name. By clicking on a particular post, you will see the post itself and also be given the option to follow-up and post.


Finally, there is a calendar/organiser to be found by clicking the Calendar option. You can view days and add information.