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This page is a list of acronyms which are commonly used on redbrick, and the internet in general.

If strong language offends you, turn back now!

afaik - as far as I know

afk - away from keyboard

asap - as soon as possible

asl - age/sex/location

bbl/s - be back later/soon

brb - be right back

btw - by the way

diaf - die in a fire

ffs - for fuck sake

ftw - for the win

ftl - for the lose

gl - good luck

gtfo - get the fuck out

gtg - got to go

hf - have fun

idk - I don't know

iirc - if I recall correctly

irl - in real life

jk - just kidding

lol - laughing out loud

lulz - a different way of saying lol

lmao - laughing my ass off(can be combined with rofl - roflmao)

nm - never mind

np - no problem

NSFW - not safe for work

omg - oh my god

orly? - oh really?(paired with yarly)

PEBCAK - problem exists between chair and keyboard

pita - pain in the arse

pmsl - pissing myself laughing

pw - password

qft - quoted for truth

rofl - rolling on the floor laughing(can be combined with lmao - roflmao)

rtfm - read the fucking manual

stfu - shut the fuck up

tb(q/f)h - to be (quite/fucking) honest

ttfn - ta ta for now

ttyl - talk to you later

ty - thank you

waf - what a fag

wb - welcome back

w/e - whatever

wtf - what the fuck

w8 - wait

yarly! - yes really!

<3 - a heart, implying love, liking or agreement

I'll fix this up more later, as it is, redbrick is going slow and portable firefox freezes after every 3-5 words. - Train