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Deceased Hardware

B4 ~


Type:Dell PowerEdge 2650
OS:FreeBSD 8.0
CPU:2 x 2.4Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Xeon
Storage:Onboard PERC RAID controller
 OnBoard Untrawide SCSI controller
Disks:2x 73Gb 10,000 RPM SCSI Disks
Drives:Internal IDE CDROM
 Internal FDE Floppy
Network:2x Gigabit Ethernet BroadCom
 1x Mutilated Intel Gigabit card
Extras:Onboard Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) for remote management.
 Extra serial ports + controller, stolen from sprout
The Name:Named after the slightly stupider twin android out of Star Trek: Nemesis, to reflect it being the slightly stupider twin in it's pair.


B4 was purchased for a rediculously small sum (less than 200 euro, someone who knows exactly can fill this in) from the Dell warehouse auction, after the Dell plant in Limerick closed. It's being used as a replacement management server, replacing Sprout (which in turn replaced welmar last year, and was never particularly good at...er...running).

It currently has a malfunctioning internal fan, so every 2 minutes (give or take), it decides something's wrong, spins all the other fans up to full power, flashes bright orange and displays warnings on its little LCD screen. A replacement fan has been ordered off eBay.


  • Serial consoles for things-that-support-serial-access
  • Gateway to the management network
  • Nagios
  • VPN tunnel to Severus, which lives in the CSD server room in the library.