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Redbrick's Helpdesk is an elite team of hard working individuals dedicated to helping Redbrick users by answering queries, running workshops and forwarding hundreds of mails to the admins.

The Helpdesk Team

Feel free to mail helpdesk[at] with any problems at all.

Helpdesk Tutorials

Here you can find guides on how to use different Redbrick services.

Using Your Account


  • Chat/IRC - find out how to chat with other brickies.
  • Irssi - page about the irssi client, detailing more advanced features and commands.
  • Bitlbee - use chat to connect to MSN, Yahoo & Google talk.


  • Automatic Forwarding - how to remove or set up forwarding to different addresses.
  • Using mutt - how to use mutt to read and send emails.
  • Webmail - learn more about Redbrick's web-based mail clients.
  • Procmail - filter your mail and set up different mailboxes.
  • Spam Removal - a way of cutting down the spam in your inbox.


  • Webspace - how to use your Redbrick webspace and get your website up and running.
  • Transferring Files - how to use WinSCP and transfer files to and from Redbrick.
  • .htaccess - using htaccess to password protect areas of your site.



  • Unix Intro - an introduction to Unix and basic commands that you can use on Redbrick.
  • Unix Advanced - some more advanced Unix features.
  • File Permissions - introduction to different file permissions and how to use chmod.