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This is a page to help combine a few ideas about keeping Alumni involved in clubs and socs activity.


Just getting started with this, throw down any ideas you have:

  • A "clubs and socs day" for alumni, encouraging them to come back and re-join and talk to DCU societies
  • Working with the DCU Alumni Relations officer on projects
  • A LinkedIn/OpenBC style website specific to DCU, to categorise alumni & their DCU contacts
  • An official list of DCU societies/clubs with active Alumni membership (Redbrick a good example)
  • Discounted postgraduate courses / further education for Alumni, to encourage more study at DCU?
  • "Alumni talks" series, possible monthly talk from an Alumni on a topic, could be archived
  • Alumni have a lot of experience, useful for training etc.

Good Idea

Why is some sort of alumni involvement in a club or society a *good idea*?

  • Alumni are coming back to DCU to help out with Clubs & Socs independently, and for free
  • It's a good way for alumni to keep in touch with eachother, DCU doesn't really facilitate that
  • Alumni have a lot of experience & advice to give, could really enhance growth of club/soc
  • An Alumni group could leverage useful extras from the Alumni office, in addition to "giving back" in itself

Bad Idea

Why is some sort of alumni involvement in a club or society a *bad idea*?

  • Most of the power needs to be with the ordinary members, it'd be bad if the oldies were throwing their weight around years after they've left
  • Who's going to pay for all this lark? Current DCU students?
  • Won't DCU just try to use this to fleece people for donations? (probably - but alumni would be donating "time" and "experience" rather than money! DCU may need this concept explained to them repeatedly, possibly with the aid of hand puppets, but hopefully should get it in the end)