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Deceased Hardware

Data ~


Type:Dell PowerEdge 2650
OS:Right now, Ubuntu 8.04, just so we could make sure it was working. Hopefully it'll be running Windows 2008 at some stage.
CPU:2 x 3Ghz Intel Pentium 4 Xeon
Storage:Onboard PERC RAID controller
 OnBoard Untrawide SCSI controller
Disks:2x 73Gb 10,000 RPM SCSI Disks
Drives:Internal IDE CDROM
 Internal FDE Floppy
Network:2x Gigabit Ethernet BroadCom
Extras:Onboard Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) for remote management.
The Name:Named after Data, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It's slightly stupider twin server, B4 is named after Data's slightly stupider twin, B4.



Data was purchased along with B4 for a rediculously small sum (154.395 Euro Each) from the Dell warehouse auction, after the Dell plant in Limerick closed. We're hoping to acquire a Windows 2008 license for it so that we can offer members who want it IIS (so, ASP.NET, etc).


  • It's lights contribute to the slightly blue glow in the server room.
  • Will likely start shouting "find me a license!" if we don't get it running sometime soon.