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Date(s) Cause Extent
August 2011
21st Reboot due to unknown cause. Azazel
June 2011
4th-7th Air-conditioning malfunction. Everything apart from Azazel and Deathray.
April 2011
21st-23rd DCU Maintenance Network-wide
5th Kernel Updates Ubuntu 10.04 machines
March 2011
4th Kernel Updates Unknown
1st Kernel Updates deathray, carbon, daniel, azazel
January 2011
13th "Necessary updates to C libraries" Unknown
November 2010
11th-14th Hub Power Upgrade Network-wide
30th October-3rd November Hub Power Testing Network-wide
October 2010
30th October-3rd November Hub Power Testing Network-wide
4th Air-Conditioning Failure data, daniel, carbon
August 2010
12th-26th Messy Downtime Network-wide
February 2010
5th User File Move To Faster Storage Network-wide
December 2009
7th Kernel Upgrades "IRC and other services"
November 2009
22nd-23rd Failure to restart after ISS downtime Network-wide
October 2009
23rd Kernel Upgrades Network-wide
1st Switch Upgrades Network-wide
September 2009
26th-27th DCU Bandwidth Upgrades Network-wide
19th September Moving Services from carbon to morpheus carbon and morpheus
August 2009
14th Kernel Vulnerabilities Network-wide
July 2009
30th Kernel Upgrades Network-wide
18th Power Cut Network-wide
April 2009
16th Kernel Upgrades Network-wide
10th Transformer Maintenance Network-wide
March 2009
23rd Upgrade to Redbrick-CSD Fiber Link Network-wide
17th Moving Services to morpheus IRC server and morpheus