Eclipse and Git

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So after having a bit of a head bashing session getting an eclipse project to work nicely with a git repository hosted on github, I thought I'd throw my approach up here to save others torture.

Eclipse git plugin

I'm using EGit.

I used Eclipse's Update Manager, adding as the site for the plugin.

Eclipse Project

I went about setting up my project in eclipse as per usual, noting the location of my workspace.

Git Repo

I'm using ubuntu, so I installed the necessary git tools with the following command:

sudo apt-get install git-core

I then opened a terminal and cd'd to the location of my project in the eclipse workspace, noted above.

cd /home/dregin/workspace/Project-Name/

I then set up a .git repo following the steps provided by github, here.

git config --global "My Name" git config --global

NOTE: At this point the steps want you to create/move into a directory, but we're already in the directory we're going to use.

git init git add . git commit -m 'My first commit' git remote add origin push origin master NOTE: If this isn't your first commit to the repository you plan on using you should merge with the remote repository as follows: git fetch origin git merge origin/master push origin master