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After many users both laid claim to and denied their affiliation with the tag "emo", it has been decided that the wiki is the best Redbrick tool with which to lay the matter to rest. Here is a list of known emos on Redbrick and pics with which to both prove their "emoness" and identify/avoid them in the real world.



03:20 <        Aisling > but i feel emo

^^ Proof enough.


Atlas emo.jpg

Although not showing some of the more classic emo signs this person never seems to be happy, and has almost never been recorded smiling. That, and his other somewhat "unusual" habits make him emo enough for this page.

Saturday, 25th Feb 2007, Doyles Pub
receive: this is ac/dc! enjoy yourself
atlas: I shall do no such thing


Emobinky.jpg Emo binky.jpg

16:26 <      binncheol > fightstar are EPCI.
16:26 <      binncheol > EPIC. even
16:26 <      binncheol > seriously one of my favourite bands right now.
[16:58:36]    binncheol | 'everything is beautiful and nothing hurts'

Went to Taking Back Sunday - EMO!


16:03:36 < nanaki> carri: you have no heart
16:03:46 <@carri> No. BECAUSE YOU BROKE IT
16:03:48 <@carri> <cut>
carri ? I like taking back sunday.


Emo doc grey.jpg


Emo dregin.JPG

BREAKING NEWS: Dregin just came out of the emo closet to Castle in #lobby. Check here for proof.

There is also evidence of dregin's allegiance to the ultra-faggy straight edge trend.

13:06 < Attol> someone recently told me they'd gone straight edge, can't remember who
13:07 < Dregin> Attol: It WAS ME!

The proof is undeniable.


10:47 < emma> I hate everything :(

10:47 < emma> I'll just go cut my self


If this isn't emo.... (also, she's 16 when this was taken.. JAILBAIT++;)


Emo exzantia.jpg




Emo gizmo.jpg

gizmo's second baptism.

18:23:19 < g1zmo> I'm just an awesome guy
18:26:31 < g1zmo> jesus
18:26:36 < g1zmo> don't all rush to agree with me or anything 
18:32:49 < g1zmo> ...
18:32:51 < g1zmo> I fucking hate you guys
18:32:57 < g1zmo> *cut*



14:10 < go|dfish> LIFE IS FUCKING SHIT.
14:10 < joe5ie> an hero time.
14:11 < go|dfish> i hope my manager died in a plane crash on his way back from usa
14:11 < undone> emo|fish
22:35 < go|dfish> because life is shit?
22:35 < go|dfish> </emo>
22:35 < roro> how come??
22:35 < roro> stop being soo EMO


01:04:33 < HAUK> I want another life.
01:04:38 < HAUK> This one sucks.
01:04:41 < HAUK> *cut*


Image says it all.

8323 178900470395 505410395 3857158 7804031 n.jpg

 < haus> ;_; 
 < haus> I've been cut, cut deep
 * haus gets his emo on
 * haus - I'm Not Okay - MCR


Lil cain emo.jpg

Recently spotted at the DCU Clubs & Socs Ball. Notice the anger expressed on his visage.

 15:36 < lil_cain> hello great depression
 15:37 < lil_cain> time to start stockpiling cigarettes, alchol, and razorblades me thinks

 In Clubs and Socs: "I resign from life!"




[19:12:26]          maK | thisrbthingisreallyboring.
[19:13:07]          maK | ilikeditatfirstbutnownoonetalknsaboutanythinelsebutinsults.
12:43 < maK> is this not hell already?
12:44 < maK> you cant feel pain when your dead.
12:44 < maK> death > life.
12:45 < maK> ;_;
12:45 < maK> *slit*



[13:52:29]       marvin | life is a heap of shit
[13:52:32]       marvin | good riddance


19:35 < Merchelo> it's true
19:35 < Merchelo> my friends call me lovely so i don't cut myself
19:35 < Merchelo> *cut*


[14:08]  * nemo prays for the sweet release of death.

His name even has the word "emo" in it. How much more evidence do you need?


Emo ornat.jpg

Don't let this user's seemingly happy facade fool you, as this photo evidence proves her emoness. Also has a strange obsession with hugs.



Apart from the trademark frown, phaxx appears here to be taking an uncharacteristically feminine interest in hair, make-up and wearing womens clothing; all hallmarks of the emo.


In clubs and socs office: "I'm too tired for life ;_;"


Emo twiggy.JPG

Likes to mention the war - emo.


Undone emo.JPG

Photographical evidence of undone on the loose in the real world has proven hard to come by. He has made it onto the list due to his constant claims to haircare prowess and threats to kill his parents in #lobby. Any better pictures may save the life of many an ill-educated DCU student should they approach him unaware of his "emoness" so, please act with the utmost urgency in passing these on.


Emo zero.jpg


Note: zero is no longer a member of RedBrick due to his epic exam fail and subsequent dropping out. Fagwaffery.



Although many have long suspected zyox of being emo, evidence has only recently come to light:

14:05:01 < Zyox> pain is good
14:05:06 < Zyox> it reminds me im still alive
14:05:10 < Zyox> ;_;
14:05:12 < Zyox> *cut*