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After many users both layed claim to and denied their affiliation with the tag "emo", it has been decided that the wiki is the best Redbrick tool with which to lay the matter to rest. Here is a list of known emos on Redbrick and pics with which to both prove their "emoness" and identify/avoid them in the real world.



03:20 <        Aisling > but i feel emo

^^ Proof enough.


Atlas emo.jpg

Although not showing some of the more classic emo signs this person never seems to be happy, and has almost never been recorded smiling. That, and his other somewhat "unusual" habits make him emo enough for this page.

Saturday, 25th Feb 2007, Doyles Pub
receive: this is ac/dc! enjoy yourself
atlas: I shall do no such thing




"I'm wearin' a frickin' Tool t-shirt; I'm not emo!" - bincheol (LOL)


File:Emo doc.jpg


Emo dregin.JPG

BREAKING NEWS: Dregin just came out of the emo closet to Castle in #lobby. Check here for proof.

There is also evidence of dregin's allegiance to the ultra-faggy straight edge trend.

13:06 < Attol> someone recently told me they'd gone straight edge, can't remember who
13:07 < Dregin> Attol: It WAS ME!

The proof is undeniable.




Emo gizmo.jpg

gizmo's second baptism.



[13:52:29]       marvin | life is a heap of shit
[13:52:32] marvin | good riddance


Emo ornat.jpg

Don't let this user's seemingly happy facade fool you, as this photo evidence proves her emoness. Also has a strange obsession with hugs.



Apart from the trademark frown, phaxx appears here to be taking an uncharacteristically feminine interest in hair, make-up and wearing womens clothing; all hallmarks of the emo.


Emo twiggy.JPG

Likes to mention the war - emo.


Undone emo.JPG

Photographical evidence of undone on the loose in the real world has proven hard to come by. He has made it onto the list due to his constant claims to haircare prowess and threats to kill his parents in #lobby. Any better pictures may save the life of many an ill-educated DCU student should they approach him unaware of his "emoness" so, please act with the utmost urgency in passing these on.


Emo zero.jpg WAF!


Although many have long suspected zyox of being emo, evidence has only recently come to light:

14:05:01 < Zyox> pain is good
14:05:06 < Zyox> it reminds me im still alive
14:05:10 < Zyox> ;_;
14:05:12 < Zyox> *cut*

This is funny. Laugh at it. Also laugh at his pain.