Espresso Machines

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As recommended by Adam Buckeridge on, Aug 2005.



  • Arnotts (good selection, few prices on items, hard to get someone to help)
  • Brown Thomas (lady to give advice with the basics covered)
  • Roches Stores (+ 50 euro on to everything)
  • Argos
  • Debenhams (+ 50 euro on to everything)
  • Clerys (mostly Kenwood machines)


  • Gaggia Cubika - Better coffee with all variables correct.
  • Kenwood cafe retro - 199 euro, Brown Thomas. More forgiving machine. Milk frother does a great job, but you have to let it re-heat for about 20 seconds half way through.


  • Krups GVX 1 Burr Grinde. 75 euro, Brown Thomas. Grinding at the finest grind size leaves the coffee slightly bitter, so increase the grind size.