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     * compact flash ide convertor,
     * compact flash ide convertor,
     * hard drive.
     * hard drive.
== Services ==
== Services ==

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Fap ~


Type:Mini-itx box
CPU:VIA C3 1GHz EBGA Processor with Fan
Storage:256MB Compact Flash Card
Disks:40GB IDE disk
Network:VIA VT6103 10/100 Base-T Ethernet PHY
Extras:Onboard graphics card
 Onboard AC97 Soundcard
 USB ports
 Parallel port
 PS/2 keyboard/mouse port
The Name:Since the machine is small, it was decided that a small name was required. On the particular day of naming, firewall assembly point (fap) was being used a lot in the RedBrick chat room so it was decided to call it "fap".


Fap was purchased in parts from Callisto Systems (halenger@rb). The parts were:

   * case,
   * motherboard,
   * compact flash,
   * compact flash ide convertor,
   * hard drive.



  • Remote logging
  • Will be used for packet filtering (and hopefully serial console)

Other Hardware