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Would your company be interested in saying "Happy Birthday" to Redbrick? Perhaps by donating Redbrick a "Happy Birthday" server, hardware, software, or other "present"...? This is a good chance for some of the big companies (& big employers of Redbrick people) to acknowledge its talented individuals who are (or were formerly) Redbrick members, to angle themselves for future recruitment drives, to be associated with perhaps the largest and best student computer society in the country...

We could possibly collate tributes from these companies in a "Happy Birthday Tributes" section in the book.

It doesn't have to be big companies too - any organisation with an interest in Redbrick could contribute.

It's a nice idea that Redbrick could be able to get some benefit from.


  • IBM
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Google
  • HEAnet