Great Hack of 2008

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Redbrick died a death 25 April 2008, following the immortal words of lil_cain only a day before, on 24 April:
<lil_cain>: Thankfully in my time there have been no root exploits

Timeline of Events

In an attempt to procrastinate from real work I've tried to document what happened on the week of no sleep, and insane amounts of coke. To give a bit of background, the hack happened just a few weeks after myself and johan were elected, lil_cain was the third admin, and werdz had recently moved from admin to webmaster. All of us were working full time on Intra, except for cian, who had a real job. Murphy was the main web server, running Ubuntu 6.06. Minerva was the main login server, also running Ubuntu.

--receive (May 2009)


  • Around 8.30am (ish) - People start to notice something is up. Most people are on the way to work and stuff. Pretty sure I got a text on the bus, can't remember who from.
  • 09:19 - people have posted to redbrick.computing.www about the problem.
  • 09:27 - people in #lobby start to notice.
 09:27      cambo anyone know what teh deal with the website is ?
 09:27     marvin singer is afk
 09:27     marvin tbh
 09:28      fatwa cambo: haxed.  lil_cain quit his admin position, that's his 'goodbye' revenge
 09:28    tbolger entire site hax0rd ?
 09:28      cambo fatwa: srsly... 
 09:28      fatwa tbolger: check
 09:28      fatwa cambo: ya rly
 09:28      fatwa tbolger: it only seems to affect home directorys
  • 09:31 - ssh access to murphy is shut down.
  • 09:40 - apache is shutdown on murphy.
  • 09:42 - access is traced to the hurling club account, which is disusered.
  • 09:46 - checks on other servers reveal that auth.log is missing from minerva.
  • 10:00 - the decision is made to shutdown all access
 10:01            receive changed the topic of #lobby to: RedBrick access is about to be shut off, and will remain off until at least late tonight. 
  • 10:30 - final mass hey goes out before shutdown
  • 10:32 - access to the network is cut off.