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Suggestions from Redbrick people about headphones

Replacement earplugs for iPod/iRiver type devices

Doc: I like My Sennheiser MX400s. Got them in HMV, if I recall. They're not green, though.

Barry: Sennheiser MX400.. again, and again... ;)

Marvin: Sony Fontopia earplugs. 50 euro from the Sony Centre but worth every cent.

Jammy: Etymotic ER 6 or ER4s. No doubt Koss portapro (they hook on your ears)

Czarak: Sony MDR-EX51LP Fontopia Headphones

Pixies: Sennheiser PX100

Seamusmc: Shure E2c

Big headphones that won't fit into your pocket

Dizer: Sennheiser 580 Sennheiser 280

Jammy: Senn 280 pro Sony 7516 Ultrasone 650

Czarak: AKG K271

Homerj: Beyerdynamic DT250s Sennheiser HD595

Kane: Sony 7506s, senn 280 pros or k271

Shops that sell headphones online