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So you want some help on writing and editing articles on this wiki yea?

Please feel free to add new sections to this article or add stubs for possible sections.

General Guidelines

Use Headings when you can and format usernames correctly.


Using Headings

If your going to break down your article into sections or your article is just a bunch of different lists then you need to use headings.

First, you dont' need to place the article title in a heading. It's already at the top of the page. If your unhappy with the title, rename the article.

Headings are done by surrounding the title of the heading with '='. The more of them, the deeper the heading. To elaborate, your basic heading should be in this format:

==A Main Heading==

Now if you want a sub heading underneath that you would use:

===A Sub Heading===

Use headings when ever you can because MediaWiki will generate a nice table of contents to browse your article. Headings also provide a way to shortcut to a particular section in your article.


Creating a list is easy. Place a '*' at the very beginning of a line i.e. no spaces before the asterix. Example:

  • List1
  • List2
  • List3

The above list is generated by using this wiki code:

* List1
* List2
* List3

Mentioning other Redbrick Users

When you mention another redbrick user you should link to their home topic. For example, if you wanted to mention the user cammy, you should write it like this:


This will generate a link/text like this: cammy. Only Redbrick users can sign in to this wiki so it should be safe to do this.

Displaying raw text

If you want to put a snippet of code or add text without it being automatically formatted by the wiki you can do this easily by putting a single space at the beginning of each line.

This is some raw text.

You can also use MediaWiki syntax to disable formatting:

<nowiki>Do not format this text Mr. Wiki</nowiki>


Linking to other articles is very easy. Just place two square brackets around the name of the article:


You can get a little fancy and use different text. For example if you want the link to say "an article about wookies" instead of Wookie, you would use this syntax:

[[Wookie|an article about wookies]]

If you want to link to another website you can simply use the full URI (including the http). For example: But like an article link, you can use different text. The only difference is that you use only one set of square brackets and you use a space instead of a pipe ('|'). Example:

[ The coolest networking society ever]

This would give: The coolest networking society ever

Renaming articles

For the thickos amongst us (me, Gavin) if you want to rename an article click on the move link at the top when logged in. Enter the new name, eh Voila !