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== #Intersocs ==
== #Intersocs ==

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  1. Intersocs is an irc channel, where you can go and talk to people from other netsocs around the country, if your into that sorta thing.

To Join #intersocs: type: /j #intersocs - into irssi (chat)

To leave #Intersocs: type: /part CROWD OF ASSBANDITS, Redrick ftw - into irssi

other acceptable /part messages:

/part dick mongers

/part farewall, cross-eyed pidgeons

/part i <3 u all, but thats cause im a fag...

It is recommend that Redbrick users do not go into #intersocs, but if you feel you want to explore, remember the following:

- spam is encouraged, ascii porn, paste the bible, etc.

- The people in #intersocs love bots, especially ones that talk down to them.

--Joe5ie 04:03, 13 Sep 2006 (IST)

Redbrick user comments on #Intersocs:


"I think they are a complete shower of cunts"

Redbrick user comments on joe5ie:


"He seems to be a sexy bastard who I would someday consider impregnating"

everyone else:

"He is a spa"