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In the chat tutorial we went through all the basics of using chat on Redbrick. This tutorial goes through some of the more advanced features specific to the default chat client irssi.

Moving windows

When you start chat you'll have two windows, #lobby and the status window, but of course you're going to want to open more windows. The more windows you have open the harder it is to keep track of them so most people like to keep their different channels & private messages in the same place all the time.

Windows can be moved either left/right by typing

/window move left
/window move right

Or, you can move a window straight to a certain number. For example, if you join the #gamessoc channel and want it in window 3 next to #lobby you can use the command

/window move 3

Irssi Scripts

Scripts allow you to add functionality to irssi that wasnt originally part of the program, like extensions in firefox. Some members have scripts that allow you to set yourself to set yourself away automatically after you have been idle for a set period of time, and others to list the current windows you have open.

So, undone has given you a cool autoaway script, but how do you use it. The first thing you have to do is move it to the proper scripts directory which is ~/.irssi/scripts. You can do this using winscp. Once you've done that you need to load it, just type

 /load script <script-name>

from irssi to start it. If you want to search for your own cool scripts there's loads at the irssi homepage

If you need any more help with irssi, please feel free to hey a helpdesk member or mail at