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This is the Redbrick Wiki Web, for all things Redbrick! The idea behind this site is that you as a redbrick member maintain it. If there is something you'd like to see here, you add it. If you find something wrong, you correct it. It couldn't be easier, you can log in with your Redbrick username and password to edit and add pages.

New Main Page

  • The new main page I've been working on can be found here. Any input on it's design would be welcome Receive 01:07, 23 Apr 2007 (IST)

Rbwiki Help

Redbrick Services

Redbrick Community

  • User photos: Mugshots of many Redbrick users. Powered by magluby.
  • Nation States: ... is a free online political simulation game. A few Redbrick Users are playing. Why not join them?
  • Bebo - There's a Redbrick group on bebo, just register as a DCU student/alumnus to see it.
  • - The Redbrick group on (i.e. what music Redbrick members are listening to!)
  • hotornot scoreboard if you're bored and feeling vain, see how you compare
  • Redbrick Folding@Home team - so far only a few people using their spare CPU cycles for a good cause
  • Redbrick Companies: Companies that Redbrick people are involved in or started.
    Good for a laugh.
  • Videogame Networks: Exchange Nintendo Wii Friend Codes, Xbox live or Playstation Network usernames with other Redbrick members (viewable only by logged in Redbrick Members)

Redbrick How-Tos

Redbrick Articles

Redbrick Projects

  • Distributed Computing: Join the Redbrick team for different worldwide Distributed Computing projects!
  • Cluster Computing: Beowulf Linux Cluster @ School of Computing, DCU (2001).
  • C-Hey: Command line instant messaging.
  • IBM S/390: Proposed projects on an IBM S/390 mainframe @ School of Computing, DCU (2001).
  • Newsgroup Reorganisation: A working document detailing the proposed changes to the redbrick and intersocs newsgroup structure.
  • Open Labs: Hosted lab sessions for school children (DCU Access Office, DCU Community Office).
  • Redbrick Wishlist: A list of projects Redbrick sorely needs (code them to get paid money!).
  • Clubs and Socs Alumni: A project aiming to keep DCU alumni involved
  • Website To-Do List: Bugs and suggestions for the new Redbrick website design
  • Redbrick Hardware: A list of Redbrick Hardware and their Specs
  • Training: IT Training/Certification through Redbrick

Redbrick Events/History

Collected Redbrick Wisdom

  • Bike Locks: You've bought a bike - now to secure it. How to pick a good lock.
  • Cycling: Cycling around Redbrick and Dublin.
  • Contracting: The basics of working as a Contractor.
  • Digital SLR Cameras: Buying a Digital SLR camera?
  • Espresso Machines: A guide for the coffee-addicts who have far too much money.
  • Food: Yum!
  • Headphones: redbrick opinions on your various music-hearing options
  • K750i Upgrade: Flash upgrading your K750i to a w800i. Warning ! Voids Warranty
  • Laptops: Advice on purchasing a laptop
  • PC Disposal: How/where to dispose & recycle your old PC junk!
  • Places to Eat: A list of places to eat in various areas, as recommended by brickies.
  • Travel: Going places?
  • Wine: Wine!


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