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Deceased Hardware

Minerva ~


Type:4U Encom unit
OS:Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
CPU:2 x Intel Xeon 5030 (Netburst arch, dual core, hyperthreading on each core) @ 2.66GHz
Storage:3ware RAID Controller, connected to internal storage array
 Dell PERC 6/E RAID Controller with 512MB RAM and a battery backup unit, connected to DAS
Disks:2 x 80GB SATA (Operating System)
 8 x 500GB SATA in RAID5 (Internal Storage Array)
Drives:Internal IDE CDROM
 Internal FDE Floppy
Network:2x Onboard Ethernet
 2x Other Ethernet
Blinking lights:Lots of them.


There were rumours flying around that the SPC had some extra cash left over at the end of the 2006/2007 academic year, and Redbrick hadn't splashed out on a major new purchase in a long time. Also, we were in desperate need of more storage space, with gallery.redbrick eating up space on Deathray like nobody's business. So we decided to purchase a machine with, as Eoghan (atlas) described it, "an assload of storage". So Eoghan sourced the machine from Encom, we applied for a grant, we got the grant (whee!), and it now sits happily in the server room.

In February 2010 it became the host machine for Redbrick's new DAS, Worf, connected via a Dell PERC 6/E RAID controller.


  • Serves /home and /webtree over NFS.
  • Primary login machine.