OSs used by Redbrickers

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Operation Systems used by Brickies

Below is a list of users and what Operating Systems they are competent with.

Feel free to add an an entry about yourself below.

Cool Tip: You can now take the url of this page add #username and it'll link to the section about that user (as long as they've added an entry here). For this to work properly please use lowercase for your username! For example http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~wiki/bin/view.pl/Rbwiki/WhyDidYouChooseYourUsername#noelfitz will link to noelfitz's name.


Linux (redhat, debian), Solaris, Tru64


Windows (95, 98, NT, XP), Linux (redhat), VxWork, Solaris, OS20


FreeBSD, Windows.