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== Good websites ==
== Good websites ==

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Places to Eat

Wagamamas (recommendations: yaki soba, chicken katsu curry, fruit juice. Green tea is free!)

Steps of Rome, Chatham St. (off Grafton st!) - Small super, cheap, italian place. Also do pizza slices to take away.

Layla - 31/32 Lower Pembroke St - Turkish food, they do some good and cheap lunches, mmm!

O'Reillys on Harcourt St. - Does a good carvery.

Nostromo on Leeson St. - main course, desert, tea/coffee for 12.95.

Govinda's, Aungier St. (veggie place, but substantial, mild spicy, yummy. Get a "mix plate", bit of everything.)

Metro Cafe, Stephen's St.

Busyfeet, Stephen's St. (Cafe. recommendation: that sambo with brie & rye bread)

Cafe Sufi (Cafe, good food although expensive. Great chocolate cake, super chicken panini)

Bia Bar (recommendation: club combo)

Dandelion Cafe, Stephen's Green (recommendation: chicken wings)

Botticellis, Temple Bar (Small cafe / Ice cream place. Ice creams & Tiramisu are -great- there)

MiMo Cafe in the PowersCourt Townhouse. Nice for lunch.

Cafe Bar Deli, Grafton St, Georges St, Ranelagh. Cheap enough food of decent quality. Can fill up very quickly here.

Queen of Tarts, Dame Street: The best Chocolate Fudge cake ever!!! Lots of homemade treats as well :)

Places NOT to eat

Little Caesar's (everywhere): Awful food, ghastly decor and worse coffee. The desserts are of the tacky, frozen variety. Be warned.

Good websites