RBOnly:Minutes 29 09 2009

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Present: Sonic, Carri, Revenant, Coconut, Johan, Haus, Angelkat, Maiden, Attol, Me

Absent: Elephant, Gw

Getting everything ready for C&S day

~ Anyone free to help out on Monday
- Someone is wearing the Red box suit
   . Getting sweets on Friday for the goodie bags
  1. Freshers ball - Finish boxes and get balloons.
  1. Announce mails should be sent out Sunday nights.
  1. Wednesday 14th October - EGM. Hopefully in business building, QG13. Nu Bar after.
  1. Admins talk like admins. Meeting up at 2-3pm on Thursday to discuss more.
  1. . Hoodie design comp - coming up soon
 . Programming comp???
  1. People to go to the talk and video thing tomorrow at 12pm. Promote Redbrick. Someone to wear the red box suit???
  1. Try and get posters done asap
  1. Talk about a new banner