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Present: Graham, Simon, Stephen (igy), Una, Dara, Jess, Ken, Charlie, Michelle Absent (excused) : Eoghan, Stephen (ryaner) Absent : Dave

Issues Arising

  • Helpdesk Exam

Winters deemed eligible for exam but cannot help set it all others who sat the exam last semester are eligible, however they can resit it if they wish, to get a better score

  • EGM Night

Debate occured as to whether to move the EGM. It was decided to leave it as is

Tech Week

  • Speakers

Jess to give DeVore & humanities lecturer details for their talk times "Jes is a hoe" - stated by Simon Dara to contact committees & get details of their input together by Wednesday Charlie to confirm Google talk & call Stephen's Green by Wed Wavehunt site to be done by the end of the week

  • Advertising

Borrow cardboard pieces for posters from Drama

  • Fundraising

Kick Day: No date set as yet. Kick for a euro Halfops (%) for 3 euro

Tenth Birthday

  • Venue

The Castle - quote to be mailed tomorrow

  • Cake

Size of cake prohibits getting a single cake, need two cakes to be put together Cake to feed 200

Una got quotes from several places: Boston Bakery e260 Mardy's e175 (no decorations) A Piece of Cake e200

A Piece of Cake chosen, cake to be chocolate biscuit cake, sugar paste icing in red, with bricks painted on 2 cakes to be 18 x 30 (possibly 18 x 20)

Una to collect cake on the day

  • Entertainment

No Quarter & Elpres' band got good feedback tnt_2000 suggested a jazz band & a covers band (Shattered Glass) which is apparently good DJ & late bar required DJ options:

 DJ from Boards.ie
  • Decorations

Quotes were gotten for balloons & indoor banners printed with specific Redbrick motifs from barry's balloons, however Michelle is still trying to get a discount on these prices.

  • KPMG Sponsorship

KPMG asked for a figure which we would like, and what they would be sponsoring. It was decided to apply for e1400, to be spent on carious techweek and birthday costs

Dave reports in, stoned

Simon's Bright Idea

Simon had an idea to have a section of the website for the committee to use to consolidate information, keep track of who's doing what, when the next meeting is on, and a calendar for events. Charlie to look into Groupware this evening

Poster Noticeboard

Jess going to complain to SU about them using our noticeboard

AGM & Table Quiz

dates have been reset to the following:

 Table Quiz: 4th April
 AGM: 11th April

Dave to chair AGM


  • Cake decoration

cake size to be 20 x 36 (possibly 30 x 36) no marzipan (BLEUCH) injokes to be used to decorate Charlie to contact segway to get a miniature