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This is a list of all hardware owned and run by redbrick.

NOTE : this inventory is still incomplete.

Main login machines

   * Carbon
   * Deathray
   * Murphy
   * Minerva

Other machines

   * Fap
   * Obelisk
   * Welmar
   * Severus
   * Ceiling Cat

Former machines

   * Laser
   * Nanny
   * Tolka
   * Enigma
   * Mother
   * Nurse
   * Telstar (formerly Burner)
   * Troublegum
   * Prodigy
   * Playpen

Other Equipment

   * Cisco Switch
   * The Monolith (retired)
   * The Docolith (retired)
   * The Dellith x3
   * APC UPS
   * Dell Gigabit Internal Switch



   * 2 x Internal SCSI LVD multimode terminators [one used in enigma array]
   * 1 x Internal SCSI LVD cable; 8 connectors [used in enigma raid array]
   * 1 x Internal SCSI SE terminator
   * 2 x External SCSI VHCDI <-> HD68 cable [one used in enigma array]
   * 1 x External SCSI HD68 cable [used for DLT]
   * 1 x External SCSI HD68 terminator [used for DLT]
   * 1 x PS/2 splitter cable [primarily for shrapnel]


   * 1 x SCA <-> SCSI
   * 1 x External HD68 SCSI <-> Internal HD68 SCSI [used in enigma raid array]
   * 1 x 13W3 <-> VGA [plugged into nanny but unused]


   * Set of screwdrivers
   * Leatherman kit
   * Electrostatic wrist strap

Stuff We Don't Have, But Would Like, Or Need to Buy More Of

   * Ethernet Cables (Yellow & Red)
   * Serial Console/IPKVM that with serial connecters
   * New external switch (Apparently, preferably a Cisco 3560)
   * Bigger UPS (Not sure about this one, worth testing next time we have downtime and
     when we have <insert name of the machine gliceas gave us) plugged in.
   * Labeller (We don't actually need one of these, just the use of one for a day or two,
    to label the new machines)