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Logo Competition Winner (1998-2000) by Andy

Rbwiki RedbrickLogo tiny logo.gif

Webpage title logo (2000-2001) by Karl Podesta

Rbwiki RedbrickLogo rbtitle.gif

Placeholder logo used on some documents (2001)

Rbwiki RedbrickLogo logo2.gif

Unused logo from webcomp winner, Peter Whittaker

Rbwiki RedbrickLogo webdesignwinner.gif

Unused logo design by Peter Whittaker

Rbwiki RedbrickLogo redbrickBig2whiteSmall.jpg

Present logo (2002-2011) by Kevin Cannon

Rbwiki RedbrickLogo logo2-rb.gif

New Redbrick Logo from 2011


2011logo small.png




SVG Logo

More Info

More info on the logo available on the logo on the main redbrick site:

A higher resolution version of the logo is available here: Media:Rblogo.jpg