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[ Author : Declan McMullen (skyhawk) : 2003 ] What are they

The RedBrick newsgroups the boards are essentialy an electronic bulletin board.People can post messages asking for help,outlining the latest news item,discussing computing or just generally ranting about anything at all. Most of the interaction between members takes place on the NewsGroups. Accessing

To access to NewsGroups simply type news at the prompt.

You will initially only be subscribed to 1 Newsgroup, to subscribe to more type shift L then hit * and the return key

The groups you are not subscribed to will be marked with U. Move up and down the list to view the availbable groups. If you wish to subscribe to a group simply highlight the board and press the s key Navigating

To navigate the groups use the up arrow and down arrow keys. When you find a board that you want to read , hit the return key. You will then see a list of posts that have been put on the board by other users

Highlight the post you wish to read using the arrow keys and then hit return. You will now be able to read that users post. To go back to the list of posts hit h. To back to the list of boards hit q.

You will notice that all response to a perticular topic appear under the heading for that topic. This series of messages is called a thread. Posting

On the main screen highlight the group you want to post to, and press the p key. When asked if you want to post press y. It will now display the name of the board you wished to post to, simply hit return. The next option is to give your post a title.Make it as clear as possible. When your done hit the return key.

Now your default text editor will launch and you can type your post. When you are done save the file in the usual manner.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to post,simply press y Following up

Replying to someone else post is very straight forward. Whilst viewing the post simply hit the f key. The options from there on are very similar to posting yourself. simply follow the instructions as before.

If you wish to reply directly to the user by mail hit the r key instead Saving

When you are reading a posting, and you want to save it, hit the o key. This will ask you what filename to save it to. Simply enter where you would like the file saved and what you want it saved as i.e


Then just hit the return key and the post is saved